Paul’s History
Pau ’s History
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Paul’s History

I have an enduring passion for Australian music and enjoy being part of the creative process that helps musicians present their recordings to the world.

Mastering should convey the producer’s and musicians’ intention to the widest possible audience. It is a conservation and restoration process rather than an opportunity to explore new directions or impose the mastering engineer’s own agenda on someone else’s project.

I grew up with (vinyl) records, tape recorders and Hi-Fi, and when I left school, bought a 4 track recorder which I used to record friends’ bands and concerts.

This led in 1976 to a recording engineer position with Jam Studios, whose main business was recording commercials and albums.

In 1979 I joined EMI’s Studios 301 as a mastering engineer, working on releases for both local artists and the record company catalogue.

I spent the mid eighties as a freelance recording engineer, working out of Axent, Honeyfarm, Riversound and Sun Studios.

In 1988 I returned to EMI at their Homebush factory’s Emidisc mastering facility, where I mastered records, cassettes, and in 1989 began CD mastering.

When Emidisc closed in 1991, I began mastering for dance label Pro DJ, which was Sydney’s last vinyl mastering and pressing plant. At Pro DJ I also mastered CDs using an early DAW instead of the early industry standard based on U-matic tape.

In 1995 I established Paul Bryant Mastering based at Silverwater, with a focus on creating CD masters for independent artists.

From 2000 I also provided CD mastering services through Sony Music Studios in East Sydney, and Mainstreet Studios in Wollongong.

The ‘Chapel’ builds on our previous experience and represents a further refinement of both system and implementation.